Fatal Optimism (I made that up)

I allowed myself the possibility that happiness could be realized in the paths I had once been so dead set against instead of the one I was so dead set ON. I conceded that I was not giving up on the commitment I made in my marriage, I had lived it out. When I chose to move in a direction that was healthier for me the world opened and welcomed me back (and delivered transformative surprises too!)

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Feeling emotionally NAKED

This is why I am sharing with such vulnerability.

I want to write for the women who are where I was and for those who can find inspiration in my journey. What good will come if I keep my peace and do not share my hard learned lessons?

I want everyone to see that there is light, there is hope, and we can live from a place of love and not anger. I just want some good to come from my growing pains, ya know?

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