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Get a Move On

I have really been making an effort to improve my health and wellness over the last few months and as part of this effort I have been walking. Fellow Champagne Girl, Beth, and I walk about 3 miles (sometimes more) almost daily. We call it “walking our crazy out.”

It took around 6 weeks for me to notice that when I walk consistently, I am happier, I am more even, I am more clear-headed, and I sleep more soundly. I had always heard exercise was good for our mental health but I suppose I never really believed it. Now, I hate the days I have to miss. And, having someone I trust with my vulnerabilities and stresses to walk with and talk to has been a wonderful exercise in mental clarity. We seem to just take our stresses or anxieties and walk them out!

Over this last year I have allowed myself to gain some weight and become complacent in my efforts to be the best and most healthy person I can be. I am back on track now, I am so very happy to say. I am eating low carb, walking to improve my physical and mental health. I am writing and painting to improve my creative and mental health. I am going to church, weekly Bible study, and I have volunteered to teach youth at church in the fall to improve my spiritual and mental health. And, I am working on being more social with Champagne Sundays, dinners with friends and time with my kids.

Our happiness is not tied to one area of our lives. It is intertwined into all aspects of it. The more I work on one area of my life the more another area improves and the more joy I feel. Actively working on me, especially when I am feeling down, stressed, or depressed sometimes feels overwhelming, but it is paramount to continuing to become the woman I want to be for myself and for others.

I catch myself wallowing in temporary circumstances, throwing myself little pity parties – this only takes away my attention from those I love around me. If I am only looking inward, I cannot be the person I need to be for my people. So, purposeful attention to my health and wellness keeps me from the pit of despair and keeps me engaged with my people.

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