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Go to the theatre!

Earlier this year, I went to the play “Legally Blonde.” By myself. I’m pretty sure everyone else was there with someone. It did make me a little self conscious. That’s why I stood, staring at my phone, writing a blog post. Ha.

I enjoy the theatre. I was in 2 productions in college. One was a fun little off Broadway play written in the 60s and the other was a Shakespeare. Trying out and performing really pushed me out of my comfort zone. I can hardly believe I had the guts to do it looking back at who I was then. But I’m so glad I did. I made a couple of good friends and one pretty special one thanks to those productions.

Anyway, I’m neither extroverted nor introverted. Any of those personality tests always have me riding the line – almost perfectly – between the two. Doing things like this on my own, even at 51, is pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I’d rather give a presentation in front of 300 people. Go figure. 😂

I was able to talk my daughter into going to see a local production of “Rent” this past weekend, Though, if she hadn’t been able to go, I would still have gone by myself. Live theatre, like live music, is good for the soul. It makes me feel alive and brings me joy!

So when the opportunity arises, go to the theatre, go listen to the local band play, get out and feel the joy the art of performing can bring!

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