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When stress eats away my progress. . .

Hot Now doughnuts are my nemesis . . .

I work in education. This means that this, this month of May, is the most stressful time of the year for me (the second most stressful being the start of school). I gain pounds almost every May and lose them in June. This is unhealthy. It is even more irritating.

Buuuuutttttt . . . I know what to do!!!!!

Buuuuutttttt . . . I am an emotional eater.

I eat my stress. Especially when my stress is compounded.

BUT, do you know what is different this year???? I NOTICED THIS PATTERN! This has happened every year now for 11 years. ELEVEN YEARS. Now, I know what you are thinking . . shouldn’t I have noticed this before now? UH, YEAH. Only, I guess I did – I just had the mindset that it is something to endure – not something to prepare for. So, now I am at the end of this “most stressful season” and realizing this change in mindset gives me the motivation to identify stress sooner so I can create strategies to push through it in a healthy way instead of in the Bonnie way, which clearly does not work.

I have tried several diets and ways of eating and my success boils down to the following things:

  1. I have to like what I am eating. I do not do well if I have to “get used” to the way something tastes.
  2. I know what to eat. My issue is one of emotional eating. I know what to eat and when to eat it, I don’t always follow my own directions because I can be bratty that way.
  3. I know planning is e v e r y t h I n g . . . .
  4. If I get too strict with myself I will rebel against myself. Ha. I am such a BRAT.

What do I do with this information??? Well, first, I wait to really delve into a plan to conquer the stress eating until after the last day of school or #4 will be a factor. But THEN I will be back with a plan. I can, between now and next week, take notes in my planner of what is triggering stress for me. Research research research. That and make water a priority. I can do those two small things until I am in a position to do some bigger things to get myself back on track!

How do you, my reader, redirect your sugar monster (or whatever type of monster your emotional eater self is) when you begin to feel stressed or anxious???? I could use some ideas 🙂

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