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The MOST lovely couple

I spent the majority of my Fall Break in Cancun relaxing with friends, finding my center, appreciating the life God has gifted me. While there, enjoying pool time, God sent to me the most beautiful and faithful woman. She was on her honeymoon and their love story absolutely renews my faith in God and my belief in His faithfulness. They are both Catholic – she is Roman Catholic and he is Orthodox. They come from very traditional families that require the traditions and expectations of courtship from old. I love it.

I am sure I will get it wrong if I try to tell their story, but I will share the highlights. God brought them together at a Halloween party. They didn’t talk for weeks. Then they did. They became engaged fairly quickly due to a family medical emergency that would require a separation for a bit. Once the engagement was settled, the medical emergency just sort of evaporated and was no longer a factor. I know that’s vague, but trust me. It was super romantic. It was clearly orchestrated by God to abate all fears and push them together. The husband had been married once before and was reluctant to jump into marriage again until he was faced with the possibility of not seeing her for months. He didn’t just not want to lose her, he didn’t want to lose contact with her. How romantic.

This woman’s faith in God radiates from her – she spoke to me with words that renewed my faith in love. I really cannot explain the amazing feeling that came over me. But not only this, to hear her husband tell the story of how they fell in love and how his faith was renewed through the gift of this committed, everlasting, soulful love would make your heart skip a beat.

God put these two on the path to each other and the way their lives came together through ordinary circumstance, how they had an instant soulful connection neither could forget or let go, how events were arranged to make them plan a life together instead of facing a few months apart – God was at work laying the foundations for them both.

My faith has been shaken over the years, I will not lie. But, apparently, God will not let me give up. He is working in my life to bring me closer to Him and create the life I will love, the one He wants me to have. This kind woman who spoke to me of her faith calmed me in exactly the way I needed at exactly the time I needed. She did not know me and yet she spoke the words I needed to hear – words my friends could not have known to say.

If I look for ways God has been answering my prayers I see them. Some, like meeting her, are almost obvious. I really, really just wish there were road signs or even just those arrows or even “dangerous curve ahead”. Seriously could have used a “watch for falling rocks” sign here recently. But, then, I suppose I would not be called to pray as often if he provided subtitles. Sigh.

Thank you, God, for your sweet messages in the pool. You are so cool. Keep ‘em coming 😘

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