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Work in progress. . .

Lovely work in progress

I love this stage of a painting. It has good bones. It has made it past the ugly phase. It is waiting on those final tiny choices that will make it into something magnificinet. Something I am truly proud of.

I feel that way about me, about my life. I have good bones, I have made it past the ugly phase of life, and now I am making those tiny choices that are slowly turning my life into one I am truly proud of – one that is incredible. After my terrible summer was over (refer to post “God has called me to my knees“) and life sort of settled back down into a normal-ish routine, I found myself once again getting excited about creating the life I love. This month alone I am painting, participating in an art show, applying to more art shows (fingers crossed!), going on a tropical trip with my girlfriends, and even going on a short cultural excursion to Day of the Dead in Mexico with my daughter (yeah, ok, this is technically next month, but we LEAVE during this month). I am loving my new job and slowly figuring out my role. I am modifiying my routines, more time in scripture and in prayer; cooking more meals and actually enjoying it; excercise/strength training, etc.

Who knows what next month will hold or the one after that! I. Am. On. Fire.

When my life is stripped away of all the drama and all of the noise, I am able to find my peace and love my people more fiercely. I had almost forgotten the peace. Almost.

Spread the peace and love, people. ❤️

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