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Champagne Girls Guide to Living the Life You Love

Welcome to Champagne Sunday Girls Podcast – Guide to Living the Life You Love

Once upon a Sunday, in a quaint little southern neighborhood, three neighbors started getting together on their historic porches to have champagne (or prosecco) and celebrate their weekly happies and support each other in their weekly icks. Lauren, Beth, and Bonnie are neighbors in a lovely little historic neighborhood. They are at different stages of life, divorce aftermath, careers, and motherhood. Each Sunday evening they gather on one of their lovely porches to chat about life, love, and our artistic passions. They are big on talking about those things they have found difficult on the other side of divorce – those things you just don’t expect, those things that only other women who have been there can understand. So, grab your girlfriends and a bottle of Champagne and join us on the porch each Champagne Sunday!

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