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EPISODE 4: Getting Rid of the Things Causing Extra Stress

Champagne Sunday Girls

Join us on the porch on Sunday for a glass (or two) or Champagne or Prosecco while we chat about anything and everything as we continuously move toward creating a life we love after the trauma of divorce.

Use this cute little notes page to think about where you are in your journey toward a life you love or use it to spark some discussion with your own Champagne Sunday group!

7 May 2023

Episode 4
Getting Rid of the Things Causing Extra Stress

Dear Listeners,

We are so glad you are here! Lauren, Beth, and I discuss how to let go of those things in our lives that are causing extra stress – whether a wedding photo we were hanging on to for our kid, a pet, or the dependence we felt for the partner we are healing from. Join us on the porch!!

Much love,


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