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Yearly Focus Words

Have you heard of the trend of choosing a single word as a focus or theme for your year? I have heard this and I have done this before, but without much success on it being an actual focus consitently. What would I choose this year and how could I use these words to actually help me focus on the concepts? This thought has sort of stunted me – if I had to choose one over all focus for the year, what in the world would it be? What do I want of myself? How do I need to grow as a person in order to be a better person for my people? The last time I did this I chose restoration as my word because it was just after the divorce. I am happily on my own now, so that does not fit. I am restored and moving forward.

What do I want to see in myself come next January? I thought it best to begin with the question – how do I want to be described by others? When I think in these terms, these are a few words I hope people think of me – confident, inspired, creative, loving, giving, dependable, positive, happy, friendly, together, organized . . . So, looking at this list, where do I think I am most lacking? Where can I grow? A few words stood out. I want to be more confident, more inspired, and more organized. Now to pull that all that into one word. Or, maybe I just keep all 3 words.

Confident – this one is tied to my body image, unfortunatley. But, I know this and am working on it. I know what to do, how to do it, and it is just about DOING IT.

Inspired – I want to write more and I want my artwork to continue to develop and change as I move forward. Inspiration to push myself out of my comfort zone is out there, I just need to harness it.

Organized – I want to be hyper organized and have everything in its place. But this is much harder than it sounds.

So, I’ll keep all three words. I’ll write them at the beginning of all my journal entries and in my planner. I’ll think about these traits as I plan my weeks and months.

What word or words would you choose and how would you choose them? How would you turn the concepts into a focus for your year?

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