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New Years resolutions

My resolutions kinda run the year. They aren’t just a New Year’s thing. I revise and add new ones as my life progresses. I always want to get healthy so I am not even counting this one. This year I’ve decided to make some measurable goals to strive for in other areas. I am using my teacher knowledge from the classroom – I need data to know if I am successful. In order to get data I need measuable goals and then I need to actually stop and measure them every month or so to see how I am doing, ponder my progress or lack there of, and revise accordingly.

Art Goals – enter and be accepted into specific fine art shows, have my work hanging in several galleries, treat it as a second job and invest my time to insure success. I may need to set some hourly goals as I find some projects take longer than others and I don’t want to feel pressured by myself to finish a certain number of works.

Social Goals – go out, for heaven’s sake. Just be with people. Say yes to outings and dates. Have fun! Go listen to live music as often as I can. Travel. Meet new people. Not so easy for my introverted self, but I can measure how many times I say yes over how many times I say no and my goals is to have an overwhelmingly larger pile of yesses!

Writing Goals – work on my writing projects, including this blog. I have set some mini goals to complete some big projects, mainly a book idea I have been working on for a couple of years.

Spiritual Goals – find a chuch home I love, increase my time in meditation, reading, and time actually inside the church in worship. My prayers have ramped up, but I am now listening to a book on audible – Introduction to the Spitirual Life – Walking the Path of Prayer with Jesus by Brant Pitre and I am inspired to work on the types of prayers I include in my every day. I have focused so much on my running converstation I forget there are other ways to pray. This is one of those goal areas that will be constantly morphing into new goals.

Do you set New Year’s Goals? Or do you set goals you evaluate over the year? For me, having living goals, ones that continuously change as my life moves forward, makes much more sense to me than pigeon holing myself into a goal I set on January 1 without any knowledge of the wonderful ways my life may change along the journey.

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