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When what they said is not what they meant

A work by Kenneth Nolan’s because I don’t have a cute hotel photo . . .

Recently, a friend and I were staying in a hotel. Upon check in we were told we would get a $35 credit each day for good because of some part of the hotel being under construction. However upon checkout we were told, “Oh, no, that’s just for breakfast. . .”

But that’s not what you said . . .

Now I hate confrontation above all else, but my friend? She doesn’t see it as confrontation. She sees it as asking for someone to do what is right. She is always polite and she isn’t upset if she isn’t compensated, but she doesn’t hesitate to ask. I wish I were more like this. But this is a struggle for me. I admire her natural go get ‘em attitude and I am actively working on having more of one myself.

Of course, she saved us over $100 by asking . . .

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