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How long did it take us to realize we were in black and white

There is a long hallway full of bright yellowish orange light in the Fine Arts Museum of Houston. We had made it about halfway down this hallway before we had looked at each other long enough to notice something was off. Our skin was grey. We were in black and white. It was so cool. I felt like I was in a Dr. Who episode.

We didn’t notice the change right away. It took us interacting with each other to see it. Perception. It’s everything isn’t it?

The artificial light changed our perception through sight – how our eyes filter the light. But we have the ability to control our perception of our world. When we believe the best in others and look for the good, we see a world that welcomes us and is good. When we criticize and demand, our world becomes unwelcoming and ugly. It’s a choice we make in every interaction, especially in the challenging ones. Choosing patience and peace over a self involved, me centered focus when we are in a highly emotional situation serves us well. This attitude allows us to reflect on what’s going on with the other person, see the other perspective. Understanding our fellow humans. This. This. This.

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