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Lovely Church Bells

A photo from a stroll this past spring ☀️

I love Sundays. In my sweet little downtown home I am surrounded by churches. An Episcopal church a couple of blocks one way, a Presbyterian church a block or two another way, and a Methodist church a short walk away as well.

I was raised in the Baptist church and the Methodist church growing up and I learned a great deal about Christianity from both. I have loved God and I have been angry with Him too. These past few years have made my relationship with God very tempestuous. I’ve been like a runaway teenager – avoiding His gaze and holding on to resentment, pretending I am in control. That is over now. Over the past couple of years I have been seeking Him, asking forgiveness, and craving a relationship with my God once again.

I feel like I’ve been led to write about this journey more and more. When I first started writing again I felt I needed to keep my spiritual life close to my chest – private. I felt like I would lose potential readers if I shared my tumultuous walk with God. I wanted women to know that they are not alone if they are experiencing living with an alcoholic or living in a toxic relationship. But the more vulnerable I have become while sharing, the more I just have to include this part of my life.

My recent exploration of faith has ignited a new kind of fire where I am craving His guidance. And I am finding it everywhere.

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