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The Magic of Disney

Recently I went to Disney for work. (Great place for a conference, by the way.) I have only been there twice before: once when I was in middle school and again with my kids a good many years back. I’d forgotten how magical the place actually feels. It did my soul so much good to let go and enjoy the rides like a child. My inner kid, the one that has been supressed with a lot of grown up stuff, broke free.

I have tried to say yes to the fun things this past year, yes to time with friends and family, yes to opportunities like this new job, etc. But, saying yes to this conference in Disney? It was a really great yes. I even wore the ears.

I was able to allow myself to feel like a 20 something in my not at all 20 year old body. I laughed and laughed. I rode all but two of the major rides. I went all fan girl in Star Wars Land. I had a blast.

Disney feels magical, it really does. Even at my age.

New Year’s resolution time is just around the corner, if you believe in such things. Last year I made a resolution to say yes and live my life to the fullest at every opportunity. I think I will keep that one. I will say yes to experiences with the people I care the most about. I will say yes to helping when I can. I will say yes to as much as I can. I will listen more closely for the direction God is pushing me to go and I will say “YES” no matter how uncomfortable.

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