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Today, I am READY.

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“When we settle we sacrifice ourselves, and in doing this we hurt our authentic connection wth others.” Shannon Kaiser Adventures for Your Soul

I am no longer a spring chicken. I have cracks in my armor and it seems to just be missing in places. I have had my head down and my blinders on, peeking out only when necessary only to look up find a life I didn’t exactly plan – one that just happened. I have settled. I have been hiding behind my job, my kids, and around 80 extra pounds instead of taking life by the nose. And today, today I am done with that. I am done settling and being afraid. I’m done avoiding and I’m done hiding. Today I am READY.  Life as me, the best I can be.

Yeah, yeah, I know you have heard this before. What is different this time? Why will I succeed in getting healthy and happy this time? I don’t know exactly I just feel it in my bones. I will do this and it will be a struggle but it will be worth it!

I will be documenting this crazy journey here – as an accountability tool. I love to write. . .

Thanks to Shannon Kaiser for her awesome book Adventures for Your Soul – this book is currently my daily dose of positive “you can do it” inspiration. You will see more inspirational quotes from this awesome book as I move along this journey to a healthier, happier me. 

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