New Abstracts Coming Soon!

I have been working in the studio, writing, and working with the Champagne Girls on a really fun project coming in October!


  • Playing with pinks . . .

    Playing with pinks . . .

    I haven’t worked in color in awhile so I played around with some pink in the studio this weekend! I will post some more pics of my progress on some larger pieces soon!

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  • Notes from Champagne Sunday

    Notes from Champagne Sunday

    We are all creative. Lauren works in theater; Beth paints, stitches, and writes; and I paint and write. We get together each Sunday night to have a glass of champagne and bolster each other through the next week. We discuss relationships (romantic and otherwise), kids, and the general business of being single moms. We are […]

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  • One Year

    Tuesday, July 12, 2022 It was one year ago today my son and I found my ex-husband, deceased, in his home. I am emotional today. I miss all of those things that can never happen – a peaceful existence between us, a fun and growing relationship between my kids and their father, and a hope […]

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  • Come see me at Panoply and Tennessee Craft!

    I will be participating in back to back art festivals – Panoply in Huntsville April 29-May 1 and Tennessee Craft May 6-8. I am so excited to be selected to participate in both of these art shows and am looking forward to meeting fellow artists and being inspired by their creativity! Don’t you need some […]

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  • New Works: Store Up, Insight, Morning Light

    New Abstract Artwork: I love the vertical look of these – like water gently flowing. These have resin over the blue – stunning in person. You can find this piece at the Four Seasons Gallery in Homewood

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  • New Work: Isn’t it funny?

    This piece is one of the few that I have done without resin – it is just dreamy! You can find this piece at the Four Seasons Gallery in Homewood Find Four Seasons on Instagram and Facebook @Four_Seasons_Gallery

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Bonnie Hedden Hurst

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