• Walking in Circles

    Walking in Circles

    All I ever wanted, growing up, was to be a wife and a mother. It was my dream. It came before everything else. I can remember dreamily staring off into the distance my freshman year of college wondering what it would feel like to finally be matched with my soul’s mate, my best friend for […]

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  • Get a Move On

    Get a Move On

    I have really been making an effort to improve my health and wellness over the last few months and as part of this effort I have been walking. Fellow Champagne Girl, Beth, and I walk about 3 miles (sometimes more) almost daily. We call it “walking our crazy out.” It took around 6 weeks for […]

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  • Go to the theatre!

    Go to the theatre!

    Earlier this year, I went to the play “Legally Blonde.” By myself. I’m pretty sure everyone else was there with someone. It did make me a little self conscious. That’s why I stood, staring at my phone, writing a blog post. Ha. I enjoy the theatre. I was in 2 productions in college. One was […]

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  • I’m such a Martha. . .

    I’m such a Martha. . .

    Over the course of the past couple of years I have been searching for a deeper connection to God. It began in 2020 when I went to visit my sister in Mexico and visited the Catholic church in the Zocalo in Mexico City. I was so overcome with emotion inside this beautiful church – it […]

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  • Playing with pinks . . .

    Playing with pinks . . .

    I haven’t worked in color in awhile so I played around with some pink in the studio this weekend! I will post some more pics of my progress on some larger pieces soon!

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  • Notes from Champagne Sunday

    Notes from Champagne Sunday

    We are all creative. Lauren works in theater; Beth paints, stitches, and writes; and I paint and write. We get together each Sunday night to have a glass of champagne and bolster each other through the next week. We discuss relationships (romantic and otherwise), kids, and the general business of being single moms. We are […]

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